Monday, February 21, 2011

Cold, sunny day at the park

I took a quick walk at Rosetta McClain Gardens today to see if there was anything to take pictures of, and also to see how the tree cutting was going. They've taken a number of trees down and I noticed one tree on the west side, over the fence on a bad angle, probably due to the wind storm we had a few nights ago:

The squirrels were running all over the place, leaving footprints wherever they went:

Some glared from their homes in tree trunks:

This black-capped chickadee was very talkative and was shaking all the dead plants to get at the seeds:

The white-breasted nuthatch was doing his best upside-down act:

The fountain remains silent:

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  1. One of our favourite haunts. I don't understand why they're cutting so many trees.

    A quiet winters day in the park. To bad the sun didn't shine all day long.


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