Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ING Direct and the cost of gas

This one is too good to be true, but it definitely is legit! You all know ING Direct from the commercials with the guy with the accent who tells you to save your money and not to use other banks. Well right now, they have a referral program to people opening new accounts. If you are referred by another account holder and you open an account with them, when you deposit $100 before the end of August you each will get $50 deposited into your new account! I did it last Friday, filled out the form, sent off the cheque, today is Tuesday and they already cleared my cheque and put the $50 into my account. If you are interested, this is the link. It explains all of their different accounts and if you want to open an account and you need a referral, my Orange Key is 39626323S1 which you can enter near the bottom of the form. I originally was just going to open this as a savings account for emergencies but I compared the interest rate of my bank's TFSA to ING's and will be moving my TFSA over to them as well as they pay higher interest. It's not a huge amount but better in my account than theirs!

Also, for those of you who drive, there are a number of sites that tell you if the price at the pumps is going up or down the following day. I usually get updates on twitter via 680 news but they don't always post about gas prices. This site seems to be the most reliable and it's not just for the Toronto area, in fact, not even just for Canada. I like knowing whether I should fill up or top up the day before.

Hope everyone is surviving the never ending heatwave!


  1. Thanks for these tidbits. I'll add another, if ever you find yourself driving in Belleville or Prince Edward County consider filling your tank and jerry cans for fuel in Tyendinaga (County Road 49) the savings are significant (roughly 10 cents cheaper per/litre).

  2. It's funny, the further outside the city you get, the cheaper gas is. Murray mentioned it when we went up to Algonquin last fall and this spring. You'd think it would be cheaper in the city since they would sell so much more.