Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Round 2, baby!!!

After 6 games of high drama, trash talking and a goalie carousel, the Flyers came out and played the way we expected them to when the lineup was finalized at the trade deadline, beating the Sabres 5-2!!

Where to begin? First of all, when you play hard for 60 minutes it pays off. They skated hard, forechecked relentlessly, Boosh was fabulous in net and Miller ended up getting chased, yes, after being the laughing stock of the hockey world this week, who got the last laugh? We did! So bwahahahaha!

I can't single out one player who was better than anyone else because they all played great, guys like Versteeg and Zherdev who have been disappointing up till the end of the season really played smart hockey. Zherdev is not a two way player but he has suddenly become one and he was hitting guys! Versteeg simplified his game and was dangerous on offense and defense.

The turning point? Patrick Kaleta crossed the line by making fun of Briere and Hartnell's divorces last year and fired them and the team up. After the game, Pierre McGuire talked to Captain Mike Richards and one question he asked him was how the trash talking affected them and he said "karma". He went on to say they made things personal and it rallied the guys. Kaleta was a jerk in the OHL and continues to be a jerk in the NHL so it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Now we just have to wait and see who the next opponent is. If Boston wins it's them, otherwise it gets a bit confusing. Boston and Montreal have game 7 tomorrow night, as do Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay.

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