Saturday, April 9, 2011

A great week of couponing!

I can't believe I used to pay full price for things without a thought! This week, I got the following:

6 Swiffer duster sets - $4.99 each, free with coupons only paid tax
4 boxes of Milkbones, $1 each, free with coupons, only paid tax
2 bottles of Tresomme shampoo and conditioner, $3.99 - $1 per bottle in coupons
3 boxes of Tenderflake pie crusts, 2 per pack, on sale for $1.99, - $1 each in coupons, paid $.99 each
2 Mars bars, buy one, get one free, .58 cents
3 containers of Betty Crocker icing, $1 each - $1 x 3 coupons, only paid tax
2 boxes of Special K cereal bars, $1.99 - 2 coupons @ .50 per box, $1.49 each
4 Fancy Feast cat food, $1.43 each, marked down to $1 each if you buy 4 or more, minus .75 coupons made it .25 each.
24 cans of Fancy Feast marked down to .38 cents each (no coupons but a great price)
24 cans of Friskies for under $12 (no coupons but a good price)

I gave my mom the pie crusts and a couple of Swiffers as well as the icing. The cat food will go to the Bluffers Park cats. There is only 1 cat left in the colony as all the others have been trapped and are being fostered by volunteers so they still need food. The cats had been taken care of for years by a group of volunteers till some idiot(s) lured coyotes to the colony. At least 1 cat was killed. If you want to learn more, they have a Facebook Page and are accepting food donations at By the Bluffs Diner on Kingston Road, east of McCowan in Scarborough.

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  1. You could create another blog dedicated to couponing and aptly name it "The Frugal Female".