Sunday, September 18, 2011

A few (okay, more than a few!) from Rosetta and Bluffers Park

Yesterday I had 3 pet sits and all of them were in the evening.  This never happens, so I decided to do a bit of wandering both at Rosetta and then down at Bluffers Park.  There weren't a lot of birds of prey at the Rosetta McClain Gardens Raptor Watch but a few other birds were on the move, starting with these Canada Geese:

These juvenile American Robins took advantage of the fountain and spruced themselves up:

A number of Northern Flickers also went through, first they migrated the wrong way until the local Cooper's Hawk came through and they went the right way!

This ship was slowly making its way out of Toronto.  You can see Niagara Falls on the right side:

Gull over the lake:

It's a's a's a Squnk!

Butterfly folded itself up on the grass:

Poses by a grey squirrel and a red one:

Blue Jay at the top of the tree, looking for peanuts:

A broad-winged hawk flew over:

Down to Bluffers Park to visit with some ducks:

A very friendly juvenile Northern Mockingbird was hanging out in the bushes:

He didn't get a ticket because it was Authorized Parking!


I was dying for fries with ketchup...go figure, the snack bar was open and the smell of grease must have done it.  I sat down and suddenly had a bunch of customers:

I decided to go over to the eastern part of the park.  When I got out of the car I saw a circling bird of prey which I immediately tried to turn into an eagle.  It was a red-tailed hawk and it was ratty looking!  It was circling at the top of the bluffs and kept calling out that oh so cool keeeeeeer sound!  What I didn't realize at the time was there was a second red-tailed hawk that wasn't ratty looking.  I guess they were having a conversation:

This is part of the reason the bluffs erode.  This was caused by Swallows:

I drove up to the top of the Bluffs in hopes of finding the hawks, but they weren't around.  Here's what it looks like from high above:

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  1. It appears through your photographs, you had a good outing. Your spot on that hockey-fighting look-alike Red-tail. What a dishevelled looking hawk.