Sunday, October 23, 2011

Algonquin's breathtaking scenery

On October 1st I went on my third trip with Authentic Canadian Tours in 2011.  This one was to Algonquin Park.  We left Toronto at 7 am and headed north in the rain and cold!  Among the birds we saw were turkey vultures, a juvenile bald eagle perched in a tree, and once we were almost at Algonquin we saw a couple of ravens in flight.  It was raining off and on as we drove up and then the rain turned to wet snow for a few seconds, yes, snow.  We stopped off at Tim Horton's and it was FREEZING.  Got some snacks, went to the Visitor's Centre and got cold again, and when we left and headed towards the park, what I thought was fog in the distance was snow, white snow, real snow, not wet snow.  On October 1st.  Yup, it was going to be interesting!

As always, double click on any picture to zoom in.

We're not ccccooooold!

And we're off!

An American Woodcock ran across the road a little way up from where we were.  It stopped long enough for us to take pictures:

The best part of the trip was feeding the Grey Jays!  There were two of them that met us at the entrance of a trail and since we had snacks for them, they followed us.  

A yellow-rumped warbler:

And our friend the Grey Jay again:

And our first evidence of moose was found in the middle of the path!

A moose hoofprint! 

We continued our walk among the beautiful leaves:

And look who arrived!  


  1. We love feeding the Gray Jays too, and Algonquin Park in general. We were going to do this trip but had just been up the weekend before. Nice set of photos. :)

  2. Thanks Lee for this awesome post! What beautiful pictures of an incredible day up in Algonquin Park.

  3. Nice set indeed. Perhaps one day I'll have the privilege... of visiting the park sites.