Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bluffers Park with Ann

Ann and I met up at Bluffers Park just after 4 pm. I won the race down the hill and she showed her maturity by sticking her tongue out at me after we parked. It's on!

We went along the west side and saw...nothing. No turtles, no beaver, no night herons. We got pretty excited when we saw a robin so it wasn't looking good, even though the robin was adorable.

We kept going because I wanted to show her the Canada goose on the nest, and as I approached it I was horrified because there was some green thing on her neck. I thought it was garbage of some sort but it was a band:

That really bugs me because it's so big but they do this for a reason, it just seems way too invasive to me. We walked over to the boat launch and go figure, a second Canada goose with a green band was swimming around:

What we really wanted to see was the long-tailed ducks, and they didn't disappoint:

Buffleheads wouldn't come too close:

Beautiful Mallards:

Beautiful swan:

Complaining gull:

Canada Goose:

Sharp-shinned hawk on the east side of the park:


  1. Looks like a nice afternoon out. Cool to get one last look at some Long-tails before they leave us once again.

    Not keen on the green scarves either. :(

  2. Well those green neck bands look awful and I bet they're not too comfortable either. I wonder whoever came up with the idea wore one on a trial basis... I think not.

    Nice series Ms. Lee.