Monday, April 2, 2012


It seems that no matter who goes out on wildlife adventures with Ann, something funny happens. Tonight was one of those nights.

We met up at the park because we wanted to see the screech owls flying around, calling each other, and possibly mating. Screech owls rarely fly during the day so you have to go at night. So there we were, watching the owls, waiting for dark to arrive and finally we saw them take flight. We heard them calling each other, the male with typical tremolos, the female with a freaky tremolo that almost sounded like morse code. I think she was telling him to get a move on and find her dinner!

Soon after, we heard one of them in a pine tree and the other showed up. Within seconds we heard "cheepcheepcheepcheep" and knew they mated. We made some juvenile jokes and started to walk to the cars.

We were alone in the park and we were looking for the other owls while talking, so we were on high alert, almost like the owls were except our heads couldn't swivel all the way around. Suddenly we heard this really loud noise out of the blue behind us and we yelled and started to run. Turns out it was a kid on a skateboard! We thought it was a killer who was stalking us, or even worse, an owl getting revenge for being photographed so much!


  1. Too funny! LOL!!
    Rob and I plan on going to the park that must not be named while we are on vacation in May.

  2. It was fun fun fun. I was so glad when Lee arrived. It gets dark so fast but that is when all the fun begins.

  3. ShenANNigan! Bwa ha ha! Perfect name for Ann!