Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blustery Bluffers!

I had a bit of time off today and the light was just gorgeous so I headed over to Bluffers Park to see what was happening. The lakeside was really cold but when I headed over to the eastern side of the park it was much warmer. First the birdees:

Trumpeter Swan L23 showing off his/her good side:

And giving me the swan version of the finger:

I love watching swans go from floating around to flying off. They don't just leap up into the air, they run across the top of the water with wings flapping and making a ton of noise, similar to a plane getting up a head of steam before take off:

One of the gulls had a snack and the others went after him:

This one was on the lookout for something tasty:

And these two knew people had brought bread down even though there are signs up that clearly state that feeding birds is prohibited:

A pair of Mute swans:

Off to the east side of the park. The last time I was here they hadn't opened the gate so I was happy to see it was accessible today:

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  1. Sorry to hear the swan flipped you the bird. Otherwise your photos are terrific!