Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wednesday: Eagles and Olympic Cauldron!

I didn't think I'd be able to walk much after all the ups and downs at Lynn Canyon yesterday but morning came (actually it was still night!) and I was back at it!

Here is the Inukshuk at English Bay. Look at what someone put on it!

Making my way to the Burrard Street Bridge and Vanier Park where the eagles' nest is. I have to go up a couple of flights of stairs and then walk across to the end of the bridge, then backtrack to the nest. If I could fly it would take 5 seconds but to walk it's about half an hour.

This little dog was having a ball as he jumped from rock to rock:

See the tall tree across the water on the right hand side? That's where the nest is.

Apparently this dog is wasted:

And the eagles are in the nesting tree! The long hike was worth it!

Just to prove I'm not obsessed with eagles and only eagles:

A wet and dirty dog is a happy dog!

Here is the eagles' nest. I would say it's about 4 feet deep and 6 feet across.

This totem pole is between Vanier Park where the eagles live and Granville Island, where I'd like to live:

This sign sums up about 75% of where I was over the week!

The other side of the Burrard Street Bridge while approaching Granville Island:

This Great Blue Heron flew over and landed on a boat!

On my way back to the nest I spotted something swimming alongside the pathway...a seal! I was so happy to see it! I had seen one there a couple of years ago and later found out the fishermen feed it, as well as the eagles.

The downside of seeing the seal? I missed one of the eagles getting chased back to the nest tree! But that's okay, more fun was to come. Here is one eagle in the tree after being escorted back by a couple of crows:

And now it's being escorted to another area of the park:

One eagle watches with a look of amusement while the other jumps awkwardly from one branch to another:

Overhead shot:

You know it's coming...The eagle has landed!

And away we go!


After that we went to a few other parts of the city. This is a clock that operates on steam:

The Olympic Cauldron!!! It is smaller than I expected but I was so happy to see it. I loved the Vancouver Olympics!

What it looks like up close:

A different view of Stanley Park:


  1. Wonderful seascapes and assorted other images that reveal aspects of your relaxing time on the West coast.

    So when are you moving? :)

  2. Thanks Dan! I'm not planning to move there, Toronto is home but Vancouver is a great place to go every year or two!