Saturday, November 5, 2011

Monday: A cycle around Stanley Park

I woke up unreasonably early yet again, and today was the big day. I hadn't been on a bike in 15 years or so, but I bought a voucher from Spokes Bicycle Rentals for a day long rental of a bike. They had 2 offers, one for 2 hours, the other for the full day and since I didn't want to be rushed I opted for the full day. I didn't intend to ride on streets, I'm not confident or crazy enough for that, but just wanted to ride around Stanley Park because they have a bike path all the way around the park. You have to ride counter clockwise so it's great, it's strictly for bikes and roller blades and the walking path is right next to it.

My weapon of mass destruction, complete with a basket and a map:

Eeeeek! Fortunately, the bike also came with a helmet!

The shop was right by Stanley Park so I just walked the bike to the entrance, took some pictures and was on my way. It was SO awesome! It would have taken ages to walk around the park since it's almost 10 km in total, but riding was great. I was able to stop and look at the scenery and take pictures as well.

The Totem Poles:

Float plane going in for a landing:

Lions Gate Bridge. You can see the walking path next to the bike path as well.

Brockton Point Lighthouse:

Lions Gate Bridge, just a bit closer:

A seal! I wasn't sure so I took a picture and saw it on my laptop when I went back to the hotel.

The Point Atkinson Lighthouse:

Siwash Rock:

The Queen Flower:

Fountain in Lost Lagoon:

Mute Swan:

Cute little face:

Up, up and away:

I ended up going around twice because it didn't take all that long. I also stopped quite a bit the second time because I was a bit tired plus I wanted to take in the scenery.

For dinner we had a voucher for a restaurant called Moose's Down Under and the food was quite good. I had penne with roasted red pepper and sun dried tomato cream sauce, garlic bread and a salad. J had Schnitzel but the picture didn't turn out so here's mine, which turned out kind of blurry:

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