Monday, March 21, 2011

Death of a tree

These are two pictures of the area where the most damage at Rosetta happened. The tree that went over the edge was really big so it's no wonder how much land it took with it. You can see it clearly in the top picture, which I took in December/10, and in the picture below on March 21/11 it was long gone.

When we have the raptor watch in the fall we always joke about how a lot of the trees get in the way and seem to make birds disappear, but when they're gone you really miss them. I think the tree that went over was a poplar.

Just realized I had a similar picture of the leaning tree from early January/11:

And from today:


  1. Lee you take amazing landscapes. Wonderful shot even through it is a sad story of the tree.

  2. Your post and the before and after photographs clearly illustrate the recent changes occurring in the Bluffs at RMG.