Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We have an egg!!!

In 2006 I became really interested in birds, more specifically eagles, because of the Hornby Island Eagles. A pair of bald eagles had been nesting in the same nest for over 20 years and Doug Carrick, the neighbour of the person who had the nest in his yard, put up a webcam so he could watch the eagles. The first year was incredible, the eagles were famous, the webcam broke records for the number of people watching...and the eggs failed. The parents incubated until the eggs finally broke into tiny eaglets. Everyone was heartbroken but many of us were hooked.

The next year, there was no webcam because there was a storm and they couldn't get repairs done while the eagles were using the nest, and wouldn't you know it, Doug was surprised with 2 healthy eaglets!

Since then there have been triumphs and tragedies, two years ago there were 2 eaglets but the youngest one died. Last year there was only one, and when she was pretty much full grown she died as well. Her body was removed by a wildlife rescuer who climbed the tree to retrieve it.

This year, the first egg was laid yesterday, March 22! Here is the video of Ma Hornby on the nest grunting and shuffling as she laid the egg!.

Egg #2 should be laid on the 24th so stay tuned or go and watch the webcam, and see if you witness it yourself!

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  1. Thanks for the introduction and the video. Very cool!