Saturday, March 12, 2011

Erosion after the storm

I made a quick trip to Rosetta McClain Gardens this morning and ran into Frank, Nancy and Pat. Spring fever, anyone?

We didn't see any birds but Pat and Nancy showed me part of the bluffs that eroded over the past couple of days and took a bunch of trees with it. Every time we get a lot of rain this happens, and they're going to have to move the fence in soon.

This tree is leaning on more of an angle now than it was a few weeks ago:

This is what happened over on the east side of the park. A huge chunk fell over and the fence is now right on the edge of the bluffs:

The only good news was we saw and heard male red-winged blackbirds so as far as I'm concerned, spring is on its way!


  1. The earth has sprung out and taken a tumble. I'll take that option any day over Japan's rock'n and rolling earth plates.

  2. When you say the fence is at the you mean "the" fence where everyone leans at the Raptor Watch? Or the old fence?

  3. Not where we have the watch, it's further east, almost all the way to the eastern fence next to the two houses. There is also a lot of erosion right by the fence by the fountain, and also further to the west side where the pine tree is on an angle. They're going to have to move the fence in and do it soon because I don't know what's underneath the parts just inside the fence, especially on the east side.

  4. OK, I know the fence you mean. Yeah, they better do something soon. That's too bad.