Sunday, March 20, 2011


People keep asking where I get coupons from. I thought I'd give everyone a chance to get started and it's easy. You need a computer, a printer and a No Frills.

Free Ziploc bags

Click on this link. Register and you'll go to a new page which includes a number of coupons available for you to print. Check off the Ziploc one and keep going, and make sure you're hooked up to a printer, then print it off.

Free Ocean Spray Cranberry
Click on this link. The page looks blank but in fact a coupon is being generated. Print as many as you want by choosing the number of copies. What I did was print a bunch and then fed the paper back through to print more, that way I saved some paper.

Go to No Frills. They accept coupons printed from the internet and both of these are valid. They have a variety of Ziploc bags for $2 so if you pick 2 it comes to $4 and the coupon is $4 off so you just pay the tax.

Cranberry juice is the 950 ml size and costs $1, so with the coupon it's free and most of the stores don't have limits.

Lean Cuisine and Stouffers Panini

No coupons but they have Lean Cuisine chicken Caesar primavera or Teriyaki salmon and noodles for $1 each and Stouffer's goat cheese and grilled veggie panini for $1. Not only is it a great price but if you join their rewards programs you'll get some neat stuff. I opted for the one at Stouffer's, which you can find here. You get one free PIN for signing up and when you enter 11 more (they're found inside the box) you'll get a $10 gift card to the grocery store of your choice as well as $15 in coupons for Nestle freebies. The current offer expires May 3 and even without it, $1 for a meal is a great price. I am vegetarian so I can only eat the panini but my mom isn't so I stocked up on these meals for well as a ton of cranberry juice! We have enough for 2 of the gift cards/coupons which is all they allow per household during a single promotion period.

Last one for now: lets you select coupons and mails them out. These can be really good, as an example this fall they had $9 off when you buy 3 Olay ribbons body wash. When they came on sale for $2.99 I used the coupon and only paid tax. This is one of my favourite products and it has since gone up in price to $5.99 in a lot of stores so I'm glad I stocked up.

If you have any products you like or use alot, just google the name of the product and the word coupon and see what comes up. That's what I did with the Ocean Spray and Ziploc and now I'm all set!

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